Jazzercise Kelowna

Moving in!

Jazzercise Kelowna now has 15 classes per week at Dual Influence!

We were lucky to get in at the beginning of this new studio because we secured some great timeslots and we're part of the excitement as things get going. It's so nice for students and instructors to only have one location to keep track of. We're a little bit unlucky though that we're part of the studio as some details are still being ironed out. There is some minor construction planned for the washrooms in upcoming weeks, some painting that needs to happen, and we are still waiting on a delayed air conditioning installation. All of these were scheduled before opening, but as with any big project, there were unforeseen roadblocks.

So, we appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as our new studio evolves a bit into the fabulous space we know it will soon be! Don't forget your ice water and warm weather workout clothes for now! Thank you!